NEI Presents TEC-Talks – Motivation Week

Welcome to “TEC-Talks”, by the Natural Encounters, Inc. Training and Education Center (NEI-TEC).

Join us on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 2pm EST for a series of webinars hosted by expert animal trainers on a variety of topics, covering all aspects of animal training and the behavior change of the animals (and humans!) with which we work. This is a great chance to learn and grow alongside some of the industry’s best minds, and get involved in a supportive, vibrant community!


Join us on Monday, March 30th and Wednesday, April 1st for Steve Martin’s two-part talk “What’s The Motivation”, a deep-dive into exploring motivation in animal (and human) learners. On Friday, April 3rd, we’ll wrap up the week with another Training Panel focused on Motivation, featuring Steve Martin, Dr. Susan Friedman, and Chris Jenkins.

“What’s the Motivation?” Parts I and II – Steve Martin

Motivation: It’s often overlooked, but remains a critically important aspect of all training we do. Where some people focus on food as their primary tool for creating motivation, there are actually countless influences on motivation, and food is the last one I consider when designing training plans or going into a training session. This two-part presentation will explore the myriad of motivating operations that affect our training outcomes as well as our ability to reduce problem behavior and to increase desirable behavior and welfare. 

Training Panel – Steve Martin, Dr. Susan Friedman, Chris Jenkins

We’ll wrap up our Motivation Week with this expert panel who will chat and answer attendee-submitted motivation related training challenges and questions. Take this great opportunity to wrap up your week by joining an inspiring and supportive virtual community!

NOTE: If you miss a webinar, don’t worry! Access to the recordings of all three of these webinars will be sent in an email to registrants within 24-48 hours after the Training Panel ends.