NEI TEC Talk: Free Flight Week, Part 1

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Welcome to TEC Talks, by the Natural Encounters, Inc. Training and Education Center (NEI TEC)!

Natural Encounters Training and Education Center (NEI TEC) presents NEI TEC Talk, Free-Flight Week, Part 1! The art of free-flying birds is becoming more popular all the time and is increasingly common in the worlds of companion parrots, wildlife education, and zoological institutions. Whether watching a bird show at a zoo or seeing someone fly their pet parrot at the beach, the result often looks easy to the casual observer, and the experience may encourage people to take chances with the safety of their own animals in an attempt to emulate what they’ve seen.

This week of presentations is the first part of a 2-part series that takes a deep dive into the complexities of free-flying birds. Topics include identifying the right bird for the job, the necessary prerequisite behaviors before flying free, additional safety concerns, ensuring reliable motivation in your bird, assessing environmental conditions, promoting staff expertise and training, and so much more.

Free-Flight Week, Part 1 is for anyone—from novice to expert— who has ever contemplated flying a bird free, and for everyone who currently free-flies their birds. Join us to learn more than you can imagine about the intricacies of flying birds free.

Monday July 19, 2:00pm EDT; 1-hour seminar, 30-minute Q&A

“Ground School: Your Pre-Flight Checklist” – Chris Jenkins (Chief Operating Officer, Natural Encounters, Inc.)

With a solid foundation of safety and bird welfare, we will explore the many prerequisites that need to be in place before ever flying a bird free in an outdoor environment. Beginning with the individual bird itself and progressing through antecedent conditions and staff skills, this one-hour presentation will reveal important procedures that many people never consider.

Wednesday July 21, 2:00pm EDT; 1-hour seminar, 30-minute Q&A

“In-Flight Protocols for your Captain and Crew” – Steve Martin (President, Natural Encounters, Inc.)

While there are many important factors that need to be taken into account in order to properly prepare a bird for free flight, what happens once the bird is outside and up in the air? This presentation will take a look into the facets of a successful free-fight program as it relates to the skills, sensitivities, and behaviors needed of the human caretakers responsible for their birds’ health, safety, and welfare. 

Friday, July 23, 2:00pm EDT; 90-minute discussion and Q&A

NEI TEC in Conversation – Steve Martin, Chris Jenkins, Amy Fennell (Training Supervisor, Natural Encounters, Inc.), and Ari Bailey (Show Manager, Natural Encounters, Inc.)

Join us as NEI TEC faculty members share and discuss their thoughts on the topics presented in the previous sessions. The panelists will answer questions presented to them by the attendees.  

The live presentations are free, however, the recordings for these TEC Talks will be available for purchase for $25 within 48-hours of the last webinar.

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