The Natural Encounters, Inc., Training and Education Center (NEI TEC) has announced the education offerings for Fall and Winter 2020. Click the button below for more information and to register for the various seminars and workshops listed here.

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to offer this course again! The course is designed for those working in close proximity with any parrot species, whether as companion animals in the home or as professional educational ambassadors. A general understanding of the science of behavior change principles is recommended, but the only prerequisite is a desire to expand one’s knowledge and skill set!


  • Empower attendees with effective strategies for applying the scientific principles of behavior change to the parrots in their lives at the highest possible level,
  • Increase the welfare experienced by parrots living in human care, and 
  • Provide tools for trainers of all levels that increases their ability to successfully navigate behavioral challenges with their parrots.

This course is designed for all animal care professionals working with or managing ambassador animals. As with our Parrot Behavior and Training Online Course, we are pleased to be offering this class for a second time based on expressed community interest!


  • To provide ambassador animal handlers and trainers with information that will improve their training outcomes, empower them with problem-solving skills, and create more reliable behavior from their animals
  • To improve the welfare of ambassador animals through adding more choice and control in their environment including positive reinforcement training that leads to enhanced husbandry, medical and program-related behaviors
  • To provide information that will empower presenters to create engaging programs that inspire caring that leads to conservation action

Animal Training for Professionals Virtual Course

This virtual course includes three consecutive days full of interactive opportunities, seminars, live training demonstrations of a variety of animals, and virtual consulting with each participant and their animals. We are in the process of preparing this exciting offering, and more information will be available soon!

Immersion Workshop

NEI TEC is offering the opportunity for professionals to fully immerse themselves in an exclusive training environment.  This on-site workshop, limited to four attendees, will allow students to work directly with NEI trainers at the NEI Training and Education Center in Winter Haven, FL. to experience every aspect of the daily care, management and training of animals in our collection.  Attendees will train a variety of animals of their choice in this intensive and immersive experience.

NEI TEC Talks - “Shaping Week”

Monday October 5 , Wednesday October 7, and Friday October 9

With seminars on Monday and Wednesday and a panel discussion on Friday, the focus for these TEC Talks is shaping behavior. Shaping involves reinforcing successive approximations of behaviors toward a goal behavior and is the most common form of positive reinforcement training in the animal field today. This seminar takes a deep dive into the intricacies of various strategies of shaping behavior with a wide variety of animals. Topics covered in the seminars include:


  • Shaping overview
  • Reinforcement theory
  • Creating motivation
  • Capturing/Scanning
  • Shaping
  • Cues
  • Bridging stimuli


  • Prompt shaping
  • Fading prompts
  • Adding the cue
  • Generalization training
  • Reinforcement strategies
  • Shaping challenges


  • Live Q&A
  • Panel discussion