Bradley Moore

Bradley was raised in Davidson, North Carolina where he grew up with a fascination with the animal world, specifically birds. He went to East Carolina University where he studied Biology and wrote his honors thesis on Neotropical Tyrant Flycatcher’s foraging behavior and morphology. Once Graduated, Bradley moved to St. Augustine Florida where he became a Bird and Mammal zookeeper for the St. Augustine Alligator farm in 2015. His love for conservation, education, and the study of animal behavior grew immensely under the guidance of his mentors at SAAF. He then moved to Orlando where he started his career with NEI in 2018. Since joining the NEI team, Bradley has been a part of show productions in Tampa, Dallas, and Orlando. Most recently, he has been a part of a team that consulted animal trainers at Bearizona in Williams, Arizona. His favorite thing about NEI is the opportunity for growth, experience, and knowledge with an incredible team of trainers. When not at work, Bradley spends his time with his wife, family, and friends. He is also an avid fisherman, spending entire days fly-fishing for various species of fish, Redfish being his favorite.