Kassidy Valentin

From a young age Kassidy had a passion for animals and dreamed she would one day get to work with them. As a teenager she found SeaWorld’s Zoological Career Summer camps which she attended throughout high school. This exposed her to working with a variety of animals and ignited her desire to make that dream a reality. She later became a camp counselor at that very same camp to share her passion and knowledge with kids just like her. While attending Florida State University to pursue a degree in Psychology, she worked at the Tallahassee Museum, a historic center that’s home to natural Florida wildlife. She got to care for panthers, bobcats, red wolves, black bears, foxes, eagles, vultures, owls, gopher tortoises, mules, and a variety of farm animals. While working at the museum she made an unlikely connection with one of the black vultures and from there she discovered a new love for birds. After graduating she became a seasonal keeper at NEI Ranch team and was offered to stay full time!

When she’s not busy saying “I love you, you’re my favorite” to all the birds at the Ranch, she’s loves going to theme parks, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with her dog and axolotl!