Samantha Sablowski

Samantha was born in Gainesville, Florida and knew when she was younger that she always wanted to work with animals. She dreamed of being a Veterinarian but after her trials with chemistry, she began her search for a new passion. For a few years she was stuck in the world of retail and kept her love for animals as a hobby in owning cats, reptiles and exotic rodents. Sam also dabbled in art, picking up photography, painting, and drawing. Finally, she had enough of coupons and discounts and applied and was accepted at Santa Fe College an started at the Teaching Zoo shortly after. While at Santa Fe, she also volunteered at Ashton Biological Reserve and also trained a female Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo.

Sam’s goal in life is to work with felines, specifically snow leopards, but also really loves any species of hornbill and herptiles.

Working with parrots has been a challenge, since her time at Santa Fe, but she is excited to take on those challenges, learn more about them, as well as improving her skills as a keeper/trainer.