Engage • Inspire • Empower

Natural Encounters, Inc. has
served more than 130 facilities
in over 25 countries

Offering expertise in animal training, staff training, educational program production and presentation, exhibit design, and enrichment. With innovative, industry-leading technology, the NEI team of trainers has worked with hundreds of species of animals and has taught the art and science of behavior change to thousands of people.

Our goal is threefold: to Engage, Inspire, and Empower audiences and animal professionals all over the world by teaching the art of training and the science of behavior change.

Animal Training:
The Art of Training and the
Science of Behavior Change

When some people think of ‘animal training’, they visualize a person forcing an animal to comply with their commands. This is the antithesis of our training goals. We work with our partner facilities to create situations where animals want to perform behaviors. Our training is based on the most positive, least intrusive methods available.

We empower animals with the ability to make good decisions that earn them positive reinforcement rather than force them to perform out of fear of punishment or the need to escape aversive stimuli.

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