NEI TEC Talk: Avian Anatomy


Session 1

“Avian Anatomy” – Kristin Dean CPBT-KA(Director of Birds, Carolina Raptor Center)

This presentation is designed to help you become more familiar with avian anatomy. We will explore many of their unique adaptations to help you become a better avian caregiver and educator.  

NEI TEC is proud to welcome our special guest presenter, Kristin Dean, CPBT-KA, Director of Birds at Carolina Raptor Center. She has been working with birds, primarily raptors, for over 18 years. Currently, Kristin oversees the Raptor Rehabilitation Program and Resident Animal Programs at Carolina Raptor Center. Her experience in rehabilitating, training, and caring for raptors has resulted in a depth of raptor specific knowledge. She has worked alongside Avian Veterinarians and has performed thousands of physical exams, diagnostics, lab work, medical procedures, and necropsies. Kristin also has a strong commitment to conservation and strives to inspire people of all ages to have a caring attitude towards nature and engage in conservation practices. She currently serves as a general board member on IAATE Board of Directors, Chair of the IAATE Education Committee and serves on IAATE’s Conservation Committee and Professional Development Committee.