Human Week - "Interpersonal Communication Skills"


Sessions 1 & 2

“Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills: Applying What We Know from Contemporary Animal Training to Human Relationships.” Part 1 and 2 – Dr. Susan Friedman

A simple saying to describe our most basic animal training principle could be, “Feed (reinforce) the behavior you want; don’t feed (don’t reinforce) the behavior you don’t want.” Along with our focus on establishing dialogue, building trust, and empowering animals, the relevance of this approach to human relationships resonates with this story:

A Native American boy was talking to his Grandfather. “What do you think about the world situation?” he asked.  The grandfather replied, “I feel like wolves are fighting in my heart. One full of anger and hatred; the other is full of love, forgiveness, and peace.”  “Which one will win?” asked the boy, to which the Grandfather replied, “The one I feed.”

In this two-session presentation, we will first merge our understanding of the ABCs of learning and behavior with key obstacles and solutions to effective communication described in the book “Crucial Conversations” by Patterson, et al. In the second session, we will consider the importance of feedback, and how to give and receive feedback more effectively.

Session 3

NEI TEC in Conversation: Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Steve Martin, and Ari Bailey

Join us for a panel discussion of NEI TEC faculty members as they gather to have a conversation about their thoughts on the presentations and questions from the previous sessions. The panelists look forward to sharing their final thoughts and answering attendee questions.