FOCUS Week - Parrots


Session 1

“Professional Parrot Practices for Positive Programmatic Progress” – Chris Jenkins (Chief Operating Officer NEI)

While every bird is an individual, NEI has found certain commonalities amongst parrots that are born out of decades of experience with thousands of birds that have worked well to set both our human and feathered coworkers up for success. In this presentation, we’ll share the details of some of these practices, skills, and sensitivities that we develop with our workshop attendees and new staff in order to build consistent behaviors, harmonious environments, and strong relationships.

Session 2

“Preparing Parrots for Multiple Homes” – Ann Brooks (President, Phoenix Landing Foundation)

Almost every parrot will need a succession of good homes, from parakeets to macaws. Let’s talk about why birds need new homes, and how to prepare them and their adopters for continued success.

“Parrot Problems are Parrot Opportunities” – Ari Bailey (Show Manager, NEI)

Some of the challenges we hear from people who work with parrots in the zoo field and as companion parrot owners often can be solved, or even would have been avoided, if we set our birds up for success by helping them understand what TO DO instead of what not to do. That also applies to the humans interacting with the parrots. Setting yourself up for success and knowing what TO DO can help your birds thrive and create strong relationships that don’t just apply to one individual human but also help all the humans in the household or the facility interact safely and successfully with their parrots.

Session 3

NEI TEC in Conversation – Steve Martin (President, NEI), Chris Jenkins, Ari Bailey, Ann Brooks, and Dr. Jamie Gilardi (Executive Director, World Parrot Trust)

Join us as NEI TEC faculty members and our guests share and discuss their thoughts on the topics presented in the previous sessions. The panelists will answer questions presented to them by the attendees.