Sessions 1 & 2

Steve Martin (President/CEO, NEI) – “What’s the Motivation? – Part I & II”
Motivation: It’s often overlooked, but remains a critically important aspect of all training we do. Where some people focus on food as their primary tool for creating motivation, there are actually countless influences on motivation, and food is the last one I consider when designing training plans or going into a training session. This two-part presentation will explore the myriad of motivating operations that affect our training outcomes as well as our ability to reduce problem behavior and to increase desirable behavior and welfare.

Session 3

Training Panel – Steve Martin, Chris Jenkins (COO, NEI), Dr. Susan Friedman, PhD (Behavior+Works)
We wrap up our Motivation Week with this expert panel who chat and answer attendee-submitted motivation related training challenges and questions. Take this great opportunity to wrap up your week by joining an inspiring and supportive virtual community!