Aaron Tapia

Aaron was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where he started to pursue his dreams of Theatre Production Management and Animal Behavior / Training. Starting in a small family owned pet store, he worked with many species of exotic birds and reptiles and soon realized that just wasn’t enough. He soon was able to combine both of his passions. While working at the store and at the Woodlawn Theater he was asked to teach local actors about reptile behavior and handling for a production they were planning for. He was featured in the local newspaper for his combined talent and expertise. He soon started his time with The San Antonio Aquarium where he began in their reptile department and quickly moved to the bird department where he was much happier. During his time there, he learned Avian Nutrition and became their Senior Trainer where he trained macaws, ostrich, toucans, turacos and many other bird species.

Realizing he needed to grow and pursue his dreams with a new light he packed his bags and moved to Florida in April of 2018. Aaron has an obsession with all things Disney. He quickly learned of the bird show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and he knew that’s where his heart wants to be.
In late 2018 Aaron became a seasonal trainer and a few months later, accepted a full time position. Aaron can say that this experience is like no other, he is beyond blessed and thankful to be a part of an amazing team. He looks forward to his growth with NEI and to continue to educate the masses on avian behavior and conservation.

In Aaron’s free time, he can be found in Walt Disney World making everyday magic and always on Instagram documenting his Disney lifestyle.